Are You Over Dieting?

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If you want to lose 50 pounds or more and you’re over dieting, I see you and I’m here for you. I feel your struggle. It’s a daunting and often terrifying task. I know the frustration, anger, sadness, and agony you feel when someone says, “Why don’t you just eat less, or you should workout more, or you should really slim down.”

However, my personal favorite is, “You’re getting too big, you need to watch it.” Thank you genius, I had no idea. Watch what exactly? I know exactly how big I am. But now that you pointed that out, “Wow, thank you for dropping that knowledge bomb, problem solved.”

My name is Katerina Inez and I’ve lost 130 pounds. I’m a work in progress, I haven’t reached my ultimate goal yet, but I will. I spent the first 30 years of my life living timidly and caring about everyone else’s needs before my own. I tiptoed through life. I was careful not to make waves, or really do what my soul craved – because I was waiting…

…Waiting to become “skinny” enough. Waiting to “lose the weight,” before I truly lived. I spent my 20’s saying when I get to this size, then I’ll do that or then I’ll take that trip, or then I’ll have that adventure, or then I’ll find true love.

After surviving a life-threatening hospitalization, from the outside I looked like I had it together I was the stylish big girl with a “pretty” face. (Why do people say that? It’s not a compliment.) well I didn’t. It was a wake up call, but one I ignored for years.

I made a series of bad decisions, became critical, cynical, and stuck in a marriage that didn’t work for me. After years of being someone I didn’t like. I questioned everything and decided to burn it all down (literally NOT for reals). I walked away from it all, broke and broken, and lost everything. I mean everything – from my house to my car. I didn’t even have a bed to call my own at the time. But for the first time in my life, I was free.

Emotionally free from shame, guilt, and thinking I had to do what I didn’t want to do. Not anymore. I didn’t and you don’t either.

Slowly, day by day I challenged my thoughts and decided I would put as much focus into loving myself as I did in hating myself. It was a slow enlightenment, a tiny spark that burst into a forest fire. I began to enjoy my own company, I did things I always wanted to do and never thought I would. I regained my confidence and found my courage. I slowly broke-up with food (we got back together more than a couple of times) and stopped using it as my friend, my comforter, my love, my confidant, and my crutch. Every day is still a struggle. If anyone says it isn’t they’re lying.

I found my voice, I found my passion, and I created The Bliss Codes of my own weight loss journey and life experiences for you.

Really, I want to help you get beyond your weight, to discover what’s holding you back emotionally, and to become blissfully diet-free. To liberate yourself, from the “I can’t eat that or I can’t do that.”

My offerings to you are support, guidance, inspiration, and useful tools that enable you to transform your relationship with eating and create new way to live that’s not focused on food, weight, anxiety, or self-loathing. I’m committed to helping you find your bliss.

I promise you straight-talk, a lil’ bit of hilarity, kindness (as kind as I can be when possible), and to be useful to you – like mega useful, right now. If you’re in pain or frustrated and done with the same USELESS garbage advice, “eat less, move more, blah, blah, ad nauseum,” I can help you.

The simple truth is that you can only overcome emotional overeating and release weight when you overcome what’s really eating you and change how you approach your life as a whole.

So, today take a stand with me and let’s burn the word “dieting,” I’m over it, I’m sure you are too.

…It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

I want to help you overcome emotional overeating, release (I don’t like the word “lose,” that means you have to “find” it again, so wherever possible, I’ll say “release”) the weight for good, and free yourself from dieting. I know you want to feel incredible, look fabulous, have unstoppable energy, and gain more confidence – and it’s my mission to help you get what you really want.

Life beats you up and how you feel about yourself has the biggest impact on how you live your life. I’m sure you’ve been too tired, too upset, too confused, and too overwhelmed by life to focus on yourself and your health. Well, it’s YOUR time now. It’s time to focus on you gorgeous one.

Whether you’ve lost and gained the same 100 pounds several times or you just need a helping hand to get you started, I’m your backup. I’m here for you, take my hand – I’m in your corner and the universe is too.

Discover how to work with me for more guidance and support.    

With all my heart, guts, and love,