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Are You Over Dieting?

Are You Over Dieting? 3344 1440 The Bliss Codes

If you want to lose 50 pounds or more and you’re over dieting, I see you and I’m here for you. I feel your struggle. It’s a daunting and often terrifying task. I know the frustration, anger, sadness, and agony you feel when someone says, “Why don’t you just eat less, or you should workout more, or you should really slim down.” However, my personal favorite is, “You’re getting too big, you need to watch it.” Thank you genius, I…

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You’re Going to Like This…

You’re Going to Like This… 3600 1440 The Bliss Codes

Katerina Inez and her unique company The Bliss Codes ™ are helping women who want to lose 50 pounds or more but still want to enjoy cheese, chocolate, and wine. Founded and fueled by Katerina’s own personal transformation. She wants to help women overcome emotional overeating, the guilt, the shame, the anger, and the self-loathing felt when trying to lose weight or try yet “another” diet. She knows this pain intimately, she grew up with it and lived with it…

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