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The Bliss Codes 6 Week Transformative Weight Loss Group Coaching Program is an exclusive program created to help you overcome emotional eating and begin to release the weight that’s holding you back.   This program was designed for women who want to release 50 pounds or more.

You can’t have a physical transformation without a mental one.  The battle is within. To be able to succeed you’ll need to unlock the thoughts and actions that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts and begin to transform them.

The key to releasing the weight begins with understanding what’s lies underneath.  Let me ask you this…

…Do you feel you’re constantly counting calories, living off protein powder, or always saying no to a certain food group?  It’s frustrating to see the scale go down and then after a couple of weeks nothing.

What happened?  Now the number on the scale isn’t even moving.  In fact, it’s climbing in the wrong direction!

I’ve felt the pain, anger, and frustration of losing and regaining hundreds of pounds several times.

I’m sure you’ve started and quit more diets than you can count.  Most of the time you barely have the willpower or motivation to try anymore.

Each time you’re a little more defeated than before.  It can chip away at your confidence and  your self-esteem. Leaving you feeling distraught and overwhelmed.

I felt the same.  Most days I just wanted to hide.  When friends would ask me to go out, I’d say “No.”

I wouldn’t attend parties, or I’d avoid going out to dinner because I didn’t want anyone to watch what I ate.

When I traveled on a flight it was humiliating to ask for a seatbelt extender and get a judgmental stare from the person sitting next to me.

I always avoided looking at myself in mirrors.

I couldn’t buy the clothes that I wanted and felt frumpy and old. If I took a picture I’d hide behind someone so I’d look smaller.  Have you ever done that?

Have you turned to macaroni and cheese or your favorite comfort food to bury your feelings?

Have you made relationship choices that weren’t good for you?

Are you experiencing health issues?

I certainly did.  I even ended up in the hospital with a life-threatening blood clot.  I was angry and upset, I didn’t like myself or how I felt.

That’s when I realized I had to overcome what was eating me…

…What I discovered helped me lose over 130 pounds and counting.

I’d love to share it with you.  It’s the exact method I used that takes ALL the work out of dieting.

You’ll discover how to easily transform the emotional behaviors and physical habits that don’t serve you into ones that work for you instead of against you.

This goes against everything you think you know about dieting and unlocks the unexpected secret to slimming down for good.

Isn’t time you feel fantastic, make peace with your body, gain confidence, and get energized all while getting rid of the guilt and shame that surrounds your thoughts and choices around food forever?

Who’s This Program For?

If you can answer YES loudly and agree then Transformative Weight Loss could be the right fit for you:

  • You are ready to get real, raw, and go all in to create huge shifts in your thoughts to transform your body and your life. All while being cheered on and supported by a group of ladies who love living well, are spirited, fun, and enjoy a great meal.
  • You are willing to be accountable via weekly training group calls and via a private Facebook Group that will give you all the tools you need to heal and enlighten your thoughts around food and the impact it’s had on your life and start to release the weight for good.
  • You are willing identify and confront what’s creating your emotional eating behaviors.  You don’t want to diet anymore.
  • You are ready to take on a mental and physical transformation that may involve getting uncomfortable, include virtual hugs, and I’ll be your cheerleader always rooting for you while you release the first several or more pounds.
  • You are tired of being emotionally fatigued, physically tired, and dealing with anxiety every day.
  • You want to wake up feeling confident, energized, and focused with a solid plan that will allow you to successfully conquer your day.
  • You know this isn’t an overnight, wave a magic wand and “poof,” you’re skinny deal.  You agree to work in harmony with what you want.
  • You want to quiet the endless internal CHATTER that spirals out of control in your head when it comes to food and your body so you can live the life you really want.
  • You want to feel good and look great in your clothes, shop at your favorite stores without a meltdown in the dressing room.
  • You want to be able to get on a ride, take a trip, or walk down the street without feeling like you’re being marginalized or shamed because of your size.
  • You want to NOT think about FOOD. ALL. THE. TIME.
  • You know there aren’t ready set meal plans, or a strict list of “eat this” and “don’t eat that” foods.
  • You are ready to discover how to make the right nourishing food choices without becoming overwhelmed.
  • You know this isn’t a “TRADITIONAL” diet. Because that hasn’t been working for you at all.

What’s Included in Transformative Weight Loss  6 Week Group Program?

  • Weekly group training sessions with Q&A and action plan to get you focused and on target with your health goals and personal development
  • VIP access to me between our weekly sessions in our private Facebook Group
  • Simple and effective tools and actions to creating lasting TRANSFORMATION
  • A commitment to help you reach your goals and a clear understanding of what’s important to you in a way that you can practice self-care, movement, and healthy eating without sacrificing family time, work, or sleep
  • Weekly private email accountability review where I answer your questions and help you every step of the way
  • Bi-weekly private focused check-in calls, bring your struggles and we’ll overcome them together with a solid plan of action
  • Personalized notes and recommendations so that you can refer to these anytime you feel that you’re struggling or need a breakthrough
  • Transformative Weight Loss mind and body integrated practice to rewire your mind for massive success (without getting all woo-woo)
  • Guides, worksheets, videos, audios, meal templates, and cheatsheets for navigating tricky situations like work, travel, being social, dealing with emotional eating, how to crush cravings, and replace behaviors that don’t serve you with ones that WORK FOR YOU
  • Lifetime access to my proprietary Transformative Weight Loss method of training Phase 1: Enlighten | Phase 2: Transform | Phase 3: Elevate where you’ll learn how it works in action for you

Do You Want To Get Started?

I want to make sure that we are good fit for each other. It’s important that you feel 100% confident and you’re ready to go all when joining this program.

I want you to get the results you really want.

If we work together some of these positive results may include improving your health, boosting your self-esteem, overcoming a negative mindset, choosing delicious whole foods over sugary treats, and feeling energized all day long.

Don’t wait another moment longer, I invite you to take the first easy step and click the button below to schedule a call with me and fill out the quick form to book your free, 30-minute Discovery Call.