You’re Going to Like This…

You’re Going to Like This…

You’re Going to Like This… 3600 1440 The Bliss Codes

Katerina Inez and her unique company The Bliss Codes ™ are helping women who want to lose 50 pounds or more but still want to enjoy cheese, chocolate, and wine. Founded and fueled by Katerina’s own personal transformation.

She wants to help women overcome emotional overeating, the guilt, the shame, the anger, and the self-loathing felt when trying to lose weight or try yet “another” diet. She knows this pain intimately, she grew up with it and lived with it for decades when she was a size 24. Along the way she freed herself from the hamster wheel of dieting, created a life and a business that she LOVES, and released 130 pounds and counting.

Katerina’s message is all about loving yourself enough to stop sabotaging yourself NOW.

Fueled simple truth that you can only overcome emotional overeating and release (lose) the weight when you overcome what’s really eating you and change how you approach your life as a whole. She’s determined to help good women (and men) take their life back, achieve lasting weight loss, get what they really want, and heal from the pain, frustration, sadness, and guilt of “dieting,” with a lil’ bit of sass, hilarity, lots of openness, kindness, grace, style, and a “you don’t have to take it anymore,” approach.

It’s time to discover what’s holding you back emotionally, release the weight, and to become blissfully diet-free. Liberate yourself, from the “I can’t eat that or I can’t do that.”

Katerina and The Bliss Codes are your backup. She’s dedicated to providing you support, guidance, inspiration, and MEGA useful tools that enable you to transform your relationship with eating and create new way to live that’s not focused on food, weight, anxiety, or self-loathing. Isn’t it time you found your bliss?

When she’s not online, Katerina loves country-hopping, obsessively watching Ina Garten and Nigella Lawson cook anything, perfecting her omelette skills, drinking Shiraz, and trying learn Greek, so she can make her yia-yia proud.